I once was lost but now, I'm found

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DEAR GOD: What on earth is wrong with me?
Guys are like buses
Gosh, seems like ages since an update. So much has happened over the past few days that I don't even know where to begin. 

Bad news first, Tiki hit a deer. I am still awaiting the details on the story but he is ok. He and I have not had a conversion in a few weeks but we are busy. I have also been avoiding him a bit because he's so damn moody sometimes. He's worse then a woman on PMS. We all have our moments, I suppose.

I broke diet last week but this week, I am determined  to stay on track and I don't have to weigh in this week! I am trying to get my milk servings in this week. *whoop*

 One of the couples, I hang out with had a huge fight at a night club this past weekend. I hope they work things out though, either way they decide to go. Girls stick together, and these girls have been pretty genuine to me. Also this couple has friend, that I will call "The Flirt". He met me the night of her Birthday and has totally been obsessed with me ever since. Mind you, her birthday was 3 weeks ago. Apparently, he can't stop talking about me to her boyfriend. Only problem... are you ready? He's married, been married twice, has kids, going through a divorce and still has not moved out of the wife's digs. I WILL NOT EVEN GO THERE! As soon as I found out he was married, it just turned a switch off inside of me, screamed in the dark, BAD NEWS! BAD NEWS! BAD NEWS!  So, yeah.. however, it's not my last chance for romance this is just destiny's way of keeping me single for awhile to get my head together. garabge.

Good news.

My sister is in the Bahamas and comes back tomorrow.
Paid some damn bills.
Brother smoked me out this weekend, Cheers!
Frenchy came back to work. 
Made a new friend at work today in Puff Gardens. 
Heard from Mike Sharp! We're going to hang out sometime soon. I miss him but he gave me a full update about his life yesterday and we talked for a good amount of time.
Ryan promised to tame this Lion's Mane this week.

Will "The Flirt" move out of the wife's digs and stalk me on myspace? Gosh, I must be desperate. I just need a really good lay but men are pathetic at this time to me. They all are out of their skulls, have to much baggage, or are just plain losers. ugh.. I need to vomit just thinking how pathetic men are sometimes or maybe it's just me being pathetic. Will Tikki get over his PMS or will I? Will my Sister stop hanging out with snoody bitches? Well, I convince my Mom that Amsterdam is not a place for her and I go while on vacation to Europe.  I want to see the Vatican  maybe get forgiven for my sins. So, while I am at it, I can fantasize about the Flirt as long as it stays a fantasy, I can't go to hell for that? Can I?

Either way.

Stay tuned.


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